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AdAstral's Philanthropic Partnership 

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Share knowledge. Scale impact. Shape the world.

When allocating your investments, consider investing in a way that scales solutions to global challenges benefiting millions of people and our planet with minimal effect on your IRR. When you commit a donation to The Knowledge Pledge, you will be enhancing your personal Purpose and Legacy.


The Knowledge Pledge is a consortium of leaders and innovative social entrepreneurs committed to solving today’s greatest global challenges. TKP accelerates progress on the world’s most pressing issues by connecting global experts willing to donate their time and knowledge with mission-driven entrepreneurs to co-create solutions and scale their impact. TKP makes it easy!


TKP is committed to the UN’s 2030 Global Goals and the 17 defined Sustainable Development Goals critical to reaching the 2030 agenda.


Alain Chetrit, Pierce Dunn, and Abhijit Pawar co-founded TKP in 2020 based on their vision for a new kind of P&L, that being a return on Purpose and Legacy for those who join the TKP community.


For more information about AdAstral’s impact investment focus, and our unique philanthropic partnership with The Knowledge Pledge, please contact us at Investment Inquiries.

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